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100 Men Zoom

100 Men of Scugog Zoom in to help during Covid 19

Covid 19 continues to challenge all of us. But one thing it’s done is shine a light on some big community hearts. And many are right here, in the 100 Men of Scugog. I mean, look at the smiles!

This meeting saw us selecting 2 charities of choice to complete our yearly 4 meeting commitment for 2020. Although donations during COVID are optional, we’ve been impressed by the number of men who keep giving to the community when we need them most!

Congratulations to Prince Albert Public School and WindReach Farm! ENewsletters have been sent to members with details on where to send your donation. If you are having any issues, please just pop me an email at info@100Men.ca.

Want to join in the fun while giving to your community? It’s only 4 hours per year. Come join us! You get to meet other big hearted, community minded men.

How did 100 Men of Scugog Start?

At a function at The Old Flame Brewery in Port Perry, one of the organizers of 100 Women that Care asked, “Why don’t the men do something like the women did?”

“What is it?” I asked?

“Well, the 100 women that Care Scugog get together 4 times a year to do something good for our community. There’s a process where we vote for a local charity. Each of the 100 Women write a cheque for $100 and the local charity gets $10,000 at the end of the evening!”

And, so 100 Men of Scugog was born. After one hour of asking the men in the room if they wanted to join we had 14! And from there it grew. It’s apparent the 100 Men of Scugog care about local community causes. Are you one? Join us by filling out:

100 Men of Scugog membership form

How it works in a nutshell

We gather for just one hour every three months.  At each meeting, we jointly select a local charity or not-for-profit organization and write a $100 cheque (per person) to the selected organization. No committees, no bank account, no fees.

If you:

  • are committed to helping others in our community, but are stretched for time
  • want to be part of a powerful group of local men making an immediate, direct and positive effect on the lives of our neighbours
  • want 100% of your donations to go directly to local charity
  • want to learn more about the many worthy community service programs and organizations servicing Scugog

Join us and become “One” of the 100 Men of Scugog!

Next Meeting of 100 Men of Scugog : Tuesday Jan 19, 2021 Zoom meeting. 

What are you waiting for?

Are you a member and can’t make it? Nominate someone else to take your place. Just fill out the Proxy Form!

100MenScugog Proxy Ballot