Charity Nomination

Only members can nominate a charity. If you are a new member and haven’t submitted your two charities for the year, please send us an email with your two.

• Members submit new 2 charity nominations in December for the coming year. That also confirms a member’s commitment for the coming year.
• Members can nominate the same charity twice, thereby increasing their favourite charity’s chances of being drawn.
• Charities not selected during a meeting to be able to return the next meeting if they are lucky enough to be drawn.
• Members submit their 2 charity names. If they are drawn the charity volunteer from 100 Men will contact the charity.

In order for the nomination to be considered, the member must be current with their contributions. In addition, the organization must service Scugog and be a registered not-for-profit or charitable organization and must be able to provide tax receipts for donations. (A charity number is required to be included before submission is accepted.)

Government of Canada Charity Search 

Charity Nomination Form 100 Men of Scugog

Member Information

Nominated Organization

If the organization is not selected, would you like to resubmit it for nomination at our next meeting?
Is the organization a registered not-for-profit charity able to provide tax receipts? (All registered charities end in RR001)*
If selected, will someone from the organization be available to speak at a future meeting to describe the impact of the donated funds?
Has the organization been informed that a representative from 100 Men of Scugog may be contacting them for more information and/or to notify them of successful selection?
Does the organization agree not to sell, give or use the 100 Men of Scugog contacts for solicitations?*
Does the organization agree that none of our donation will be used for administrative costs?*